CRKF is a network of four independent institutions in Graz whose common interest lies in the conveyance of contemporary art within an international context.


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No Hope No Fear

FORUM STADTPARK – Fortress Ohnmacht

“No Hope No Fear” confronts Ohnmacht with both humour and bitter earnestness, asking the question: how might we come to grips with feelings of powerlessness and expand our frame of view to consider forms of collective power and action? Perhaps the doctrine of hope will be replaced not with resignation, but with a new, fresh courage.

Birke Gorm’s “Ohnmacht Monument” invites visitors to reflect on the topic, while in “Archive for Ohnmacht”, it is possible to listen to experiences of Ohnmacht and ways to deal with it, gathered from activists working in a wide range of contexts. A “Cellar for Leftist Preppers” uses dark humour to deal with the motif of fortification in response to the threat of total societal collapse, while in „Hotel Bellevue“, guests will spend all night discussing the question of how to “prep” in order to avoid landing in a future defined by bunkers and fortresses. A series of events titled “Café End Times” casts a melancholy and critical gaze on the fading present-day and future worlds that will no longer come to be, while an “Ohnmacht Zine” sums up strategies and builds bridges between theory and concrete action.

With contributions from: Anja Korherr, Anna Vasof, Alice Bucknell, Birke Gorm, breaded Escalope, Christian Jankowski, Edith Payer, Lisa Horvath, Megan Dominescu, Nikola Macura, Pablo Chiereghin, SHIMABUKU, Taro Meissner, different Interview partners and sleep over guests at Hotel Bellevue,…

Curatorial team:
Victoria Fux, Markus Gönitzer, Sara T. Huber, Robin Klengel, Rivka Saltiel, Miriam Schmid, Markus Waitschacher

Sujet: Sarah Maria Schmid alias Haras Ananas

Opening:     17.11.2023

6 p.m.        opening
8 p.m.        concert "Der singende Bronco“

Exhibitions open: 18.11.2023 - 20.01.2024, Tue- Sat 2 - 6 p.m., winter break: 20.12.2023 - 07.01.2024

Entry: free