CMRK is a network of four independent institutions in Graz whose common interest lies in the conveyance of contemporary art within an international context.


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scharfstellen _ 2

» Opening: 07.12.2017, 9 pm
   The exhibition is open on that day from 6 pm
   to until at least midnight

» Duration: 08.12.–22.12.2017 + 01.01.–12.02.2018

Participating artists:
Esra Ersen, G.R.A.M., Nevan Lahart, Kristina Leko, Katrin Plavčak, Christoph Schäfer

For < rotor >, the year of review and reflection is drawing to a close. Finally, this is now a second exhibition of selected works by artists whose work has had a lasting impact on the programming of our art centre. On the one hand, this applies to the understanding of contemporary art in general, and, on the other, to pathbreaking approaches to issues such as (alternative) forms of society, (urban) transformation and migration movements, mechanisms of (political) power, and European (East-West) dialogues.


Friday, December 8, 2017, 11 am
Brunch with artists and < rotor > team in the exhibition

Saturday, February 17, 2018, 2 pm
Last day of the exhibition. Curatorial conversation about the exhibition. Guest: Kate Strain, Artistic Director Grazer Kunstverein (in English)

Katrin Plavčak, ”Under the Thumb”, 2015 (Detail)